Building digital startup unicorns along with world leader Estonia

Some of our readers will not know very much about Estonia. Could you start by telling us the three or four things you think our Kenyan readers should know about your country?

Estonia is located in northern Europe beside the Baltic Sea. The capital is Tallinn. 

We have 1.3 million inhabitants. The size of Estonia would easily fit into Lake Victoria. Our language is Estonian, which is similar to Finnish. Estonians love the forest and nature, half of the country is covered in forest. We have a lot of entrepreneurial people; in fact, Estonia is the world leader in startup unicorns per capita. There are six unicorns so far: Skype, Playtech, TransferWise, Bolt, Pipedrive and Zego.

I believe Estonia has come up with an “Estonian Africa Strategy” to guide your engagements with the continent. Perhaps you could explain to us the need for such a strategy and what it hopes to accomplish. 

Indeed, in February, the Foreign Ministry launched the comprehensive strategy for engaging with African…

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