Coinbase is the Microsoft of crypto, early investor argues

Garry Tan, Initialized Capital Founder & Managing Partner joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel to discuss Coinbase’s direct listing.

Video Transcript

AKIKO FUJITA: Bitcoin hitting a new high in the session, although we’ve seen it pull back since. Ether also touching that $2,400 level for the very first time. Let’s turn our attention to that NASDAQ board, though, as we await that first trade. Direct listing here for Coinbase, the reference price was set at $250 a share. Now we’re looking at $366 a share.

And let’s bring in our first guest for the hour. We’ve got Garry Tan, Initialized Capital founder and managing partner. Garry, you were on board with Coinbase very early on. So certainly a big day for you as well. What did you see back then?…

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