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Coming soon from IIT-Madras stable: Flying taxis | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Picture this: You book a taxi on your smartphone and a few minutes later you walk to your terrace and hop on to a waiting plane.
In the next 10minutes, you are at your destination that is 10 kilometres away. Looks like science fiction? According to ‘The ePlane Company‘, it may soon become a reality.

The IIT-Madras incubated startup has designed an electric flying taxi for urban commute that can carry people to their destination 10 times faster, and at the same time is safer, economical, noise free and eco-friendly.
The battery powered taxi will have a capacity of 200kg payload to accommodate two passengers. A scaled down version of the taxi, with 50kg payload capacity, will undergo tests in July 2021 and the final prototype is…

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