Droom founder, his family office to invest in 10-12 startups – ET Auto

Aggarwal said almost all of his investee companies are in the tech space.

New Delhi: Droom founder Sandeep Aggarwal and his family office have invested over Rs 25 crore in 18 startups, and they are looking at backing about 10-12 companies a year to support the burgeoning startup ecosystem in the country. Speaking to, Aggarwal said he, in his personal capacity and via his family office, has invested more than Rs 25 crore over the past few years across 18 startups that operate in the segments like tech, fintech, healthcare and media content.

“When I came to India in 2011, India had less than 200 startups, a handful of VCs and angel investors, and the value of all public and private companies was less than 3 billion. I believe India will create USD 500 billion in new wealth by 2025 and USD 1 trillion by 2030 from the startup revolution,” he added.

More than wealth creation, the amount of job creation, social transformation, and helping India to reclaim its old glory will be second to…

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