Engineers predict a Boom in supersonic airline travel

Sydney to Los Angeles in 6 hours and 45 minutes might sound like the stuff of weary travellers’ dreams — but a new deal is reviving blue sky thinking about supersonic passenger jets. 

US airline United has announced plans to buy a fleet of new net-zero carbon supersonic aircraft from aviation startup Boom, with the aim of starting supersonic air travel in 2029.

According to Denver-based Boom, its Overture aircraft will cut travel times in half and operate on up to 100 per cent sustainable aviation fuel.

United has placed a deposit for 15 Overture airliners, which will undergo testing by 2026. Should the jets meet safety, operating and sustainability requirements, the airline has an option to buy another 35, reportedly priced at $US200 million ($261 million) per plane.

Boom is drawing obvious comparisons to the doomed French-British Concorde, which was retired after 27 years of service in 2003, following a fatal crash three years earlier that killed all on board, as well as…

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