Era of flower vending machines blossoms

A shopper (left) looks at flowers on sale at a floral market in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province. [Photo/Xinhua]

Demand for top-end exquisite bouquets is soaring in China as young Chinese consumers in the high-income bracket are increasingly buying flowers to brighten their day-to-day life, spawning new trends like florals, e-commerce and flower vending machines.

No longer are consumers content with going on a spending binge only during holidays and occasions involving rituals.

The market scale of startups whose business is flower sales online is expected to grow steadily, fueled by young consumers pursuing quality lifestyles characterized by evolving tastes, experts said.

In the past, flower consumption in China mainly came from ritual-marked occasions, cultural events, traditions or customs spanning birth to death and afterlife-birthdays, courtship, weddings, visits to patients or those convalescing, funerals and death anniversaries.

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