Fintech startup Card Curator will help you hack your points to meet financial goals – Philly

Ever since John Garner was old enough to start opening credit cards, he’s been trying to conquer their points and rewards systems.

The Wharton School MBA candidate grew up in England, spent time in the U.S. and was constantly traveling. He said he used to collect points “the old fashioned way,” via travel, but since credit card companies began adding travel and other incentives, he made it a hobby to optimize these rewards.

After working as a stock trader in New York in his early 20s, in 2018, Garner decided to pursue this hobby as a profession. He’d been doing it for friends and family one-on-one, but also worked on creating an algorithm that could look at an individual’s credit cards and provide info about which ones to use in order to reach goals like travel or cash back.

That algorithm is now the centerpiece of an app called Card Curator that, once connected to your accounts, analyses your spending habits, takes into consideration goals you set, and can recommend new…

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