Flying Cars Will Reshape Congested Cities: An Interview With Archer CEO Brett Adcock

An artist’s rendering of an Archer eVTOL flying above the city of Los Angeles. Archer

About half of the world’s 7.6 billion people currently live in cities. That number is expected to rise to 70 percent by 2025, according to the United Nations’ projection. Come that time, today’s already strained urban transportation infrastructure will certainly be unable to deal.

One possible solution floated by future-minded entrepreneurs is what’s called electric vertical take-off-and-landing (eVTOL) vehicles, commonly known as flying cars or urban air taxi. eVTOLs don’t require a runway and are much quieter than traditional helicopters, making them perfect for day-to-day city use.

Morgan Stanley estimates that the urban air mobility market will be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040. But for now, it’s largely nonexistent. A number of startups are racing to lift the first commercial eVTOL off the ground sometime around 2023. Despite their early-stage development and uncertain future,…

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