Ford partners with Israel’s Mappo in-car app to make road travel more exciting

Ford drivers who are looking to pass the time, whether on road trips or long rides, can rediscover old and new destinations with Mappo, an Israeli startup’s new in-car app which will take travelers on adventures, both near and far.


Drivers of Ford vehicles equipped with its SYNC 3 or 4 technology will be able to install in-car app Mappo to pass the time enjoyably, explore cities based on their interests and recommendations using advanced voice controls. Israeli startup Mappo’s app will be available to users across North America, Europe, and Asia. The project was spearheaded by Ford’s Israel research center that opened in 2019, and is its first collaboration with an Israeli startup.


Deddi Zucker of Mappo (right) and Boaz Hartal of Ford-Israel. Photo: Mappo-Ford-Israel Deddi Zucker of Mappo (right) and…

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