I’m Launching an Evolved Version of My First Startup — Here’s What I’m Doing Differently – The Good Men Project


If somebody had said to me that I’d be running an extremely successful business three months after my college graduation, I would have, most likely, taken it as a joke.

Not because I did not consider myself capable of running a business, but because I was not sure of what it was that I wanted to do.

Following some of my side hustles as a student — including one which became a six-figure business — I launched a company that designed immersive and educational travel experiences for students. I did it mostly because I wanted to travel, and this afforded me the possibility to do so. Since someone needed to guide the group while abroad, that person would be me.

My plans at the time were: travelling, meeting people, and figuring it out as I went along. And since most of my experiences at the time had to do with finance, I thought I’d eventually settle in either Wall Street or Canary Wharf.

As it turned out, the experiences I was designing acquired an enormous level of…

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