Looking back at April: Over $2B in funding flows through Israel’s startup ecosystem

Following a record-setting month, where 6 Israeli companies joined the Israeli Unicorn club and $2.7 billion in funding found its way to Israeli startups – April continued the trend in full force. Last month 40 different startups raised a combined $2.29 billion.

Is the peak behind us?

You really can’t start dissecting April 2021 performance without noting April 7th – the day where 4 Israeli companies, alone, brought in over $1 billion in funding. Trax, which raised almost a third of the month’s sum, led the pack together with Redis Labs, WhiteSource, and BlueDot – for a total of $1.057 billion. We wanted to find out if this was just a coincidence or a long-term trend; leading us to pick the brains of a few Israeli investors. Really worth the read.

After March, when 6 new Israeli Unicorns joined the ranks, last month was much more humble – with only 1 company joining the over billion dollar valuation club. And that company was San Francisco based Deel, a Y Combinator…

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