Meet Pedro Anderson, The CEO Innovating The Travel Industry By Leveraging Blockchain Technology – TechRound

Winding Tree is a blockchain-powered travel marketplace connecting top airlines, hotel chains, and corporations without the cumbersome presence of traditional intermediaries.

We’re transforming the industry by disrupting the outdated mindsets and antiquated technology that are holding it in the past and building the next generation in travel tech. We envision travel becoming a true peer-to-peer economy that welcomes creativity and innovation in the industry.



How did you come up with the idea for the company?


Our Co-Founder had built a travel startup called Roomstorm out of Y Combinator only to encounter the travel industry’s dark little secret – that a handful of intermediaries control all travel. These middlemen charge extortionate fees and hold back all innovation in the space.

We wanted to create an alternative. It had to be censorship-resistant so travel businesses could join despite us not being the monopolies they have grown accustomed to. This led us to adopting…

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