Nashville-based Stroll Wants To Be Your Personal Tour Guide – Hypepotamus

As US travel begins to come back in 2021, a Nashville-based tech startup is looking to make tourism more personal.

Stroll, a location-based, personalized app, is what CEO John Mark (JM) Eberhardt describes as a local city guide mixed with Instagram. Beyond a map or utility app, Eberhardt told Hypepotamus that users can curate the main feed based on personal travel preferences.

Using what Stroll calls ‘Glimpses,’ visitors can find new spots around a city and engage with the local business community. Businesses and members, in turn, get real-time attribution analytics and can more easily grow a local-based marketing plan.

Stroll looks to capitalize on the growing ‘real-time tourism’ trend. Over the last year the team has added in the capability to pay for a meal or merchandise from within Stroll, as a way to “engage more people for a low cost,” he added.

The team also partners with municipalities to capitalize on the growth of smart city initiatives.

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