Newark to London in 3.5 hours?: United Airlines inks deal to revive supersonic air travel

In a massive development, America based United Airlines, on June 3 announced that it would buy 15 planes from airline startup Boom Supersonic, possibly reviving the high speed form of air travel. Under the commercial agreement, the Chicago based airlines firm has agreed to buy ‘Overture’ airplanes, after they meet “United’s demanding safety, operating and sustainability requirement”. All the jets would employ renewable fuel and could turn operational for public by 2029.

“Flying has always been cool. Supersonic planes are *beyond cool.* We’re excited for the day Boom’s aircraft join our fleet and we’re glad to see others are, too,” United said in a statement. 

With the deal, the airline has triggered the possibility of supersonic air travel that would allow passengers to cover distances faster than the sound wave. It implies that the distance between Newark to London in just three and a half hours while that from San Francisco to Tokyo could be covered in six…

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