News about Korean startup ecosystem: Baby Unicorns, International partnerships & upgrades 

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups have been actively supporting Korean startups. Last week it announced the organizing committee for Korea’s global startup festival COMEUP 2021, to be held in November. The Ministry also announced recruiting 60 startups for its ambitious ‘Baby Unicorn Nurturing Project.’

In international ties, Korean unicorn startup Yanolja forayed into partnership with Citibank Group to expand its global presence and SK Group, to bring self-driving trucks to Asia as it partners with US startup Kodiak Robotics. Korean crowdfunding platform Wadiz launched AI-driven personalized service, and Seoul opens “Seoul Startup Hub World,” an incubator for startups in Seoul.

The beginning of the future unicorn, ‘Baby Unicorn’ 60 companies

Source: Platum 

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced on May 26 the final selection of 60 baby unicorns for ‘Baby Unicorn 200 Promotion Project’. Companies selected for the ‘Baby Unicorn 200 Nurturing Project’…

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