Orios Ventures’ report charts spurt in India’s startup ecosys

The COVID-19 pandemic may have led to a negative impact on several sectors, including travel, hospitality, restaurants, and mobility, but there was a significantly positive effect on others such as edtech, agritech, e-grocery, and fintech

In fact, despite COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the Indian economy in 2020, the country saw 11 startups turn unicorns.

InMobi subsidiary Glance became the latest addition to the coveted $1 billion+ valuation club in December, along with DailyHunt’s parent company VerSe Innovation, following investments of over $100 million by existing and new investors, including Google.

Some of the startups that touched unicorn status in 2020 were Pine Labs, Nykaa, First Cry, Razorpay, Postman, Zerodha, Unacademy, Cars24,…

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A cradle of the revolution

A cradle of the revolution

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