People with ‘migration background’ launch one in five startups in Germany

BioNTech, Delivery Hero, Gorillas and other successful German companies have one thing in common: Their founders are highly qualified and venturesome immigrants. Yet a new study shows that high hurdles, especially when it comes to funding and networking, continue to hold them back.

“My name is Sophie, and my brother’s name is Anton. Our parents gave us German first names so we don’t stand out more than we do already anyway through our looks, our last names and our origin.”

Sophie Chung’s parents are refugees from Cambodia who tried everything to prepare their children for a life in Germany. According to Chung, that mission included encouraging them to accomplish more so she and her brother could “prove themselves.”

“My story is that of millions of other children in Germany … We don’t get the benefit of the doubt. On the contrary, we always start with a handicap,” Chung said during the presentation of the Migrant Founders Monitor on Tuesday…

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