Six startup ideas — from Europe’s top seed investors | Sifted

VCs spend their careers hearing thousands of startup pitches, investing in only a select few.

But what ideas would they like to see more of? What do they see as a gap in the market right now?

We at Sifted asked some of Europe’s top seed investors what they are excited about this year.

Potential founders take note: it’s not a new consumer fintech or a new recipe app! Think more travel tech, law tech, silver tech and HR integration.

Gunita Bhasin — associate at Speedinvest

Speedinvest is an early-stage global VC firm. Bhasin’s portfolio includes: debt collecting platform re:ceeve, corporate finance software Plural AI and investment management solution Grandhood.

Gunita Bhasin

Activist investing platform

A solution that uses shareholder rights to trigger changes at the corporate level

“If there is one thing we learnt from the GameStop saga earlier this year, it was to not underestimate the power of the retail investor. What started as a conversation on a…

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