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Amid an absolutely disastrous year, as airlines lost billions of dollars and laid off thousands of employees, imagine telling someone you’re planning on launching a new airline.

“People go, “Whoa. What are you doing? Are you nuts?’” said Ravinder Minhas, a founding board member of upstart Canada Jetlines.

And yet, Minhas believes there’s never been a better time to launch an airline in Canada.

“Where it looks like things are down, that’s the best time to get in,” he said.

Things are definitely down.

WATCH: Transport minister says he is ‘very confident’ the Air Canada deal will boost employment:

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra says the federal government is “very confident” that the deal reached with Air Canada will lead to a jump in employment beyond the jobs formally secured in the deal: “We know there will be a bigger number.” 8:11

In February, Air Canada’s outgoing president and CEO Calin Rovinescu called 2020 the “bleakest year in the…

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