STARTUP STAGE: Otolo is helping hospitality employees develop their careers


Otolo is an online community for hospitality employees to receive mentoring and develop their careers.

The company launched in April and recently added a Careers Club enabling hospitality companies to list vacancies for free and helping potential recruits through the application process.

What is your 30‐second pitch to investors? 

Otolo is the go‐to online community for hospitality people to connect, share and develop careers with peers and mentors.

Behind the scenes, we use the power of Otolo’s global community to create amazing paid‐for mentoring experiences and programs for individuals and organizations. They use Otolo to seek guidance on live work projects or professional development, and Otolo uses matching technology to identify new connections with answers, offering certification and live performance tracking.

We can also power private communities for businesses, teams, alumni and students, encouraging further collaboration, offer…

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