Startups are grappling with the cost of carbon footprinting | Sifted

Pressure is mounting on startups to start measuring and managing their carbon footprints. While this may be great for the planet, doing a big audit of a company’s carbon footprint can be expensive and time consuming.

Climate consultants are often tight-lipped about how much their services cost, but it’s estimated that the average ‘life cycle assessment’ — considered the ‘gold standard’ method of measuring a company or products’ environmental footprint — can cost a whopping $10k per product or service. 

Then there’s the time it takes — up to six months may be needed to pore over the data and figure out the greenhouse gas emissions a company is responsible for. Once the dense report explaining these findings has been delivered, more consulting is needed to figure out what to actually do with it.

For a company that’s at the early stages of revenue generation — or still relying on investors for its runway — these costs are unfeasibly…

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