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The phrase ‘future of work’ has been bandied about a lot in the last year.

Since Covid-19 forced companies — many of which weren’t already digitised — into remote settings, many have closed their offices, rethought their work culture, and have even created policies surrounding mental health and childcare support.

When it comes to startups, the future of work is broadly understood as tools that make work life more simple and enjoyable. 

Beyond remote work software and productivity tools, the sector includes startups offering pay and benefits — including insurance, fertility and ways of combating financial hardship — mental health services and automated hiring and recruitment processes. 

While no designated funds exist for future of work startups in Europe, most sector-agnostic or SaaS-focused VC funds have a future of work company in their portfolio, and are open to investing in the space. 

To find the most promising future of work companies, we…

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