Stephanie Clifford

The Sweaty Startup Is Calling Bullshit on the Silicon Valley Fantasy

Nick Huber is leader of the Sweaty Startup, a growing entrepreneurial movement that’s anti-unicorn and pro-plumbing

It’s early evening in Athens, Georgia, and Nick Huber, entrepreneur and recently crowned startup expert, is about to record a podcast. Huber and his followers aren’t your typical founders. They don’t want to divine the next unicorn, raise a wad of eight-figure VC funding, or even break into a Y Combinator class. They have their eyes set on something more earthly, if not controversial: hatch a really solid pest control or lawn care business. “You ask anybody what entrepreneurship is, and they think of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Shark Tank,” Huber says. “The…

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