The Venice of the North: Why Amsterdam is the New Supply Chain Hub

The pandemic showed us that many things are not quite as they seem—especially when it comes to the economy. Many businesses were hit hard, if not fatally, and in Europe companies were additionally impacted by the new legislation that followed Brexit. 
We also saw the geographic status quo take a hit. Capital cities seen as powerhouses of international trade and commerce were shown to be more interchangeable in the global economy than previously believed. 
For logistics companies, it is necessary to take a closer look at the changes brought about by the pandemic when considering a location for an office. This is even more important for early-stage companies looking to expand into a second location. The expansion could catapult your business to new levels of growth, or cause fundamental problems if the right location isn’t chosen. 
Some important factors to prioritize if you’re a player in business supply and are on the hunt for your next office are; a great location in…

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