This Polish-Swedish startup raises €4.5M to take on Tesla; will hire 100+ people in 2021 | Silicon Canals

Solar power is witnessing widespread and rapid adoption across Europe and is transforming how and where we produce electricity. The shift towards reliable, clean, and affordable electricity in Europe is evident, thanks to the rapid proliferation of solar panels mounted on the roofs of businesses and homes.

SunRoof, a Swedish startup developing 2-in-1 solar roofs and façades, is doing its part to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy sources globally. 

Raised €4.5M

Recently, the Stockholm-based startup raised €4.5M funding in the Seed extension round, led by Inovo Venture Partners, along with SMOK Ventures. Out of which, €2M of which came in the form of convertible notes. SunRoof believes that it is currently on track to reach a €100m valuation by the end of 2021. 

Other investors including, LT Capital, EIT InnoEnergy, FD Growth Capital, and KnowledgeHub, also participated in the round. To date, SunRoof has raised €6.5M in funding. 

“Renewable energies are fast…

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