Thorsen: Covid could produce well-funded corporate travel startups to go after long-term opportunity – WIT

TRAVEL TECH evangelist Johnny Thorsen, who has his own vision of a “Traveltopia”, is watching to see if Covid will give the industry a new generation of well-funded startups “that are able to go after the long term opportunity, and really become a threat to the established environment”.

Speaking at the WiT Travel Roadshow, Episode 3, he said, “Big crises normally deliver big disruption long term and I do think we will see something unexpected come out of the Covid recovery phase.”

He added, “One of the problems we’ve seen in the travel industry for a long time is that most travel tech startups are under-funded. In other words, they don’t have the kind of funding to stay true to a strategy long enough to really get to a point where they become independent. So they either have to partner up very early on with the legacy players and that does limit their freedom and their ability to innovate, because…

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