Travel Will Be Bigger Than Ever, Just Different—Great Opportunities For Startups

No matter what you think about the travel industry, it will not only be back but it will be bigger than ever. It just won’t be exactly be the same. What will be the major changes? Business travel will actually go down but personal, experiential and blended (stay/work/play) travel will rise. If you look at the behavior of Millennials and Gen-Z during the pandemic, while international travel fell off a cliff, local and state travel exploded. Airbnb shifted all their marketing to encourage customers to travel locally and between states in the United States.

Well, combine this renewed focus on domestic travel with the pent-up demand for travel internationally, fueled by remote work opportunities, and you will have a travel industry that will be growing exponentially beyond where we were in 2019. In talking with Brian Kidwell recently, cofounder and CEO of Scotts Cheap Flights, he stated…

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