UK bans travel from 4 more nations over virus, 39 in all

BAHRAIN: Job hunting is one of the toughest challenges for any young adult. In a highly competitive market, finding employment that not only works on a personal level but also provides a viable career path can be complicated.

For Bahraini youth, this became less of a problem when Majra emerged to offer a cultural and personality-based job matching service.

The company, launched in 2017, was created as the result of two young Bahrainis going through the job-search grind.

Co-founder, Najma Ghuloom, 29, said: “We started having conversations about job hunting and how a lot of the platforms and resources we were using were not very transparent.

“We couldn’t find a lot of information about the job itself or whether or not the…

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CDC discourages Americans from travel despite 'low risk' to vaccinated people

CDC discourages Americans from travel despite ‘low risk’ to vaccinated people