United Airlines Banking On A Return Of Supersonic Travel, Plans To Buy 15 Jets From Startup Boom

CHICAGO (CBS/AP) — United Airlines could make flying to Europe a much shorter trip.

The Chicago-based airline wants to bring supersonic travel back to the skies for the first time since the Concorde was retired 18 years ago.

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United is buying 15 supersonic jets from a startup company called Boom, which is designing a plane that is currently just an artist’s drawing — even the prototype hasn’t flown yet. The deal includes an option for 35 more once Boom designs a plane that flies faster than the speed of sound while meeting safety and environmental standards.

United hopes to carry passengers on the plane in 2029. The airline said the plane will reduce flights between London and the New York area to just 3 1/2 hours and make Tokyo only six hours from San Francisco.

United declined to discuss financial terms, but Boom CEO Blake Scholl said the deal was worth $3 billion, or…

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