With Reliance Jio, Spotify and Sony as clients, Cameraah aims to make AR effortless for brands

In 2017 Snehaal Dhruv hit upon the idea of using Augmented Reality (AR) for chatbots. So he started Superfan Studio as an agency, creating AI bots for various brands and websites. The startup pivoted from being an agency to an AR template marketplace during the pandemic to keep its business afloat. 

Superfan Studio is now called Cameraah, and has raised seed funding as a part of Techstars’ new cohort. Techstars is an early stage startup accelerator and investor. Cameraah’s platform works as a browser-based no-code tool to personalise and create augmented reality (AR) filters for social media platforms. The company’s client list include brands like Spotify, IPL, Puma, Fossil, University of Southern California, Reliance Jio, Sony,…

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