84% Of Business Travelers Eager to Travel with Correct Safety Measures, Finds New Study

In a press release from Amadeus, the Spanish travel technology company, the company summarizes a recently conducted business travel survey (accessible through a link) that suggests business travelers are eager to get back on the road, but some things should be in place before they do. 

Now that vaccines are more widely available, and expectations growing for international travel to more fully return by year-end 2021, companies with existing or new travel programs, if they have not already done so, should be thinking about how to improve the employee travel experience. 

Through ongoing corporate card research, we have been advising about various employee travel preferences for years, so there are some repeatable preferences and now some new ones in the pandemic era.  So the desire is there and the survey provides some insight as to what business travelers miss most, which will likely resonate with readers who have been cooped up for a…

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