A Revolutionary Spaceplane Is Set to Take Its First Flight

We are about to enter a new era in spaceflight. A cargo spacecraft constructed and operated by Sierra Nevada Corp. in Nevada aims to start Florida-based launches and landings for NASA in 2022, according to a recent press release shared on the company’s official website.

The Dream Chaser, which is an uncrewed, robotic spaceplane, will be lifted via a United Launch Alliance (ULA) rocket from Kennedy Space Center to execute flights to the International Space Station.

Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser to return on a landing strip like the space shuttle

The Dream Chaser will return via landing on the space center’s landing strip — earlier used for space shuttle landings — after it docks and delivers its cargo to the International Space Station (ISS). The first in the series of Dream Chasers is being prepped for delivery to Kennedy Space Center once spring 2022 comes, said former astronaut Janet Kavandi, who is also an executive vice president of Sierra Nevada, during a Tuesday press…

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