AVIAREPS and Air Black Box Partner to Promote Third-Generation Interlining Solutions

As airlines relaunch their services and restore their networks, legacy interlining processes and structures dating from decades ago are no longer fit for purpose in enabling airlines to partner effectively or allowing consumers to find the most convenient and cheapest flight connection options. Air Black Box’s ACE and ThruBag™ solutions create a new way for airlines to cooperate and for passengers to benefit.

Air Black Box’s Third-generation Interlining solutions combine content from network airlines, low-cost carriers and even surface transport providers, allowing airlines and travel agents to offer their customers a wide range of convenient virtual interline journey options that aren’t available elsewhere. In response to search queries from an airline booking site or a metasearch engine, ACE automatically combines the flights, aligns ancillaries like baggage allowances, creates the bookings, and handles all payment and settlement.

Air Black Box’s first-of-a-kind baggage…

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