Bird Group’s Ankur Bhatia passes away at 48

India’s travel and hospitality industry lost one of its more dynamic leaders with the passing of Dr Ankur Bhatia. The Executive Director of Bird Group died of cardiac arrest on Friday morning. He is survived by his wife Smriti and their two children.

Bird Group runs a gamut of businesses across hospitality, travel technology, aviation services, retail and education. Under Roseate Hotels & Resorts, the group owns and operates six luxury properties in India and the UK. The family business lists Ankur’s brother Gaurav as fellow Executive Director, with their mother Radha Bhatia as the Chairperson and father Vijay Bhatia as President.

Ankur was an exceptional entrepreneur, from technology systems to Roseate, he was a trailblazer. His keen understanding of architecture, aesthetics and design was evident with Roseate Hotels,” Kapil Chopra, CEO, The Postcard Hotel, told CNT. “Roseate as a brand redefined the look and feel for city hotels. He will be missed by the travel and…

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