CarTrawler and Uber partner to deliver brand-new offering | London Business News |

CarTrawler, the leading B2B provider of car rental technology solutions to the global travel industry, has today announced a strategic partnership with Uber to help bring Uber Rent to more customers around the world. Following availability in Australia, New Zealand, UK and France, this expansion will provide all U.S. Uber app users access to quality car rentals at competitive rates set by rental brands.

CarTrawler’s technology facilitates renting a car through an easy and accessible offering directly in the Uber app and access to special promotions like the Uber Cash back offer, throughout the year.

The partnership will play a helpful role in reshaping urban mobility in positive ways. Connecting riders to car rentals represents a key tactic in challenging the need for private car ownership.

Speaking from CarTrawler today, Aileen McCormack, Chief Commercial Officer said, “We are excited to announce the US launch of this partnership with Uber. CarTrawler’s commitment to its…

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