Inside Track: CarTrawler duo Mike McGrearty and Bobby Healy on magical mystery tour in travel

Look who’s getting the band back together. Mike McGrearty and Bobby Healy, who turned CarTrawler into one of Ireland’s first unicorns, are back with something new.

Meili Travel Technology is owned by McGrearty, Healy and an Isle of Man company called Medici, which seems to be linked to backers of CarTrawler. I gather that it’s McGrearty’s baby and that Healy — who is shooting out the lights with his Manna drones — is advising on the technology side of things. It’s all very hush hush.

In Norse mythology, Meili is Thor’s brother.

Healy and McGrearty handed over CarTrawler in rude health to new management back in 2018. The global pandemic torpedoed the car-rental search engine business and CarTrawler was forced into an ugly debt restructure,

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