Viberate and Partner Up for Music-Fan-Friendly Travel

Leading music research and analytics platform Viberate (whose native token VIB is listed on Binance, Bittrex, OKEx, and Uniswap) just announced a strategic partnership with, the popular cryptocurrency-friendly online travel booking platform.

As the VIB token becomes integrated in the platform (joining Travala’s native AVA token), VIB token holders will be able to book over 3 million travel products (accommodation, flights, activities etc.) in more than 230 countries.

This means more affordable, more inclusive and fairer travel economy options for VIB token holders, who already enjoy using VIB at thousands of retailers via the GoCrypto payment systems.

For Matej Gregorcic, Viberate CEO, the partnership comes at a great time, as travelling and live music events are slowly becoming a part of everyday life again. “We’re excited to introduce more and more blockchain features in the music business, as we believe they can help make it more fair and more transparent. Because…

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