What is Blockchain and what are its use cases? – Broadcast Cover

The term blockchain refers to a decentralized unalterable ledger technology that streamlines transaction records and keeps track of assets within a value chain system. Blockchain is also a string of blocks that contains time-stamped information. The decentralized ledger is shared with all the team members who are in authority to access it, inside the value chain system or network.

Blockchain technology comprises two essential parts. 

The first part is a block of information. The second part that follows the block is the chain formation of the blocks of digital information. To understand blockchain in a better way, one must first understand the concept of block individually.

Every block on the blockchain comprises three essential components: information, the league’s unique hash, and the unique hash of the preceding block. The term hash on a block means the special feature that a block distinguishes from the other blocks. The hash constantly changes with any…

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