Why the travel industry must grasp the digitization of customer behavior

There’s little doubt digitization has increased over the course of the pandemic, especially in areas such as payments, but is it now the expectation from consumers?

This was one of the areas touched on during a recent Skyscanner event with Nick Hall of Digital Tourism Think Tank, who stressed the need for digital solutions to customer pain points.

Hall says the company has been inundated with requests from companies needing help getting their heads round digital developments since January this year, from an all-encompassing “industry, policy and strategy” perspective.

“There’s clearly a recognition that things have changed and digital has suddenly been catapulted in its importance for businesses and consumers. It’s about optimizing that granularity of pain points and barriers and trying to alleviate those. That’s the educational journey that’s sometimes difficult to work through.”

Hall goes on to say that while people might get excited…

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