A glance at countries that have approved ‘Vaccine Passport’

United States of America

While the United States has as of yet not launched a national vaccination pass or passport, on May 28, it has said that it is seriously considering creating a vaccine passport for Americans traveling abroad.

“We’re taking a very close look at that,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said of the idea of special documentation for vaccinated Americans who want to travel overseas, as inoculation drives allow Europe and other regions of the world to start opening up from pandemic restrictions.

Even though the idea of vaccine passports has attracted criticism in the US, the state of New York has decided to take the plunge as the first state in the in the nation to create one, saying it will help facilitate economic activity. Known as the Excelsior Pass, it has been developed by IBM. Excelsior is essentially a simple digital wallet that can be accessed on mobile devices. It holds basic info like the user’s name, birth date, a QR code, a green check mark and the time when the passport expires. Though it’s use id advised, there is no mandate that anybody use the app.


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