Letter of the Day | Immunisation passport is not a new phenomenon


Please permit me to make two observations regarding the conversation which continues to occupy the public attention. The first is in relation to a possible immunisation passport. The second is in relation to Mona Ageing and Wellness Centre on The University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona campus.

Immunisation passport is not a new thing. There was a time when travellers in the region, in order to gain unimpeded entry to many countries in the region and the hemisphere needed to have passport or other acceptable travel document, return ticket, and a record of personal immunisation history. Indeed, travel agents had to advise on the immunisation requirements of the country for a which a travel ticket was being purchased, and the traveller had to obtain the necessary vaccination. There was then no public issue relating to vaccinations. It was not an issue for public debate.

However, history has proved that the scientists who developed the well-known, well-accepted and very useful vaccines did a good job, and we should pause and give thanks and praises to the Most High God for their sterling contribution to public health.

Indeed, everyone who is a follower of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ should be aware that good health is a matter of great concern to Jesus, who, while on earth, manifested God’s interest in healing the sick and, among other things, relieving disabilities.

As a matter of fact, the non-pharmaceutical protocols which have contributed so greatly to good health and well-being come straight from the Holy Bible – the book of Leviticus.

The person who desired to travel had to comply with the necessary immunisation requirements of the country to be visited or risk the delay of quarantine requirements at the airport. Furthermore, one was able to tell when someone was about to travel abroad. The evidence of having received an inoculation was a telltale sign.

I wish to congratulate the Mona Ageing and…

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