Travel e-pass no longer needed, except for level 5 districts

PUNE As the city re-opens from Monday after nearly two months of lockdown, the mandatory e-pass for inter-district travel will no longer be a requirement.

An e-pass will only be required if traveling to level 5 district.

The state government had imposed a restriction on inter-district and interstate travel on April 23, afrter which it has been mandatory to obtain an e-pass from the police department for travel.

Joint commissioner (law and order), Ravindra Shisve, said that he would further study the order and then comment.

District collector Rajesh Desmukh confirmed that the e-pass condition has been relaxed and was applicable only for travel to level 5 districts. This is allowed only in the case of medical emergencies or for persons performing essential duties, the government order states.

Over two month, a total of 0.15 million Puneites had applied for e-passes, wherein 55,000 applications were rejected by the Pune city police.

Citizens in need of an e-pass must apply on

Documents like a Covid-19 negative report and Aadhar card should be uploaded with this form.

Permission is granted or rejected within 24 hours of submitting the application.

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