US to accept Indian student visa applications from June 14

Good news for Indian students: you may apply for US student visa from June 14 onwards. The US Embassy in India will resume student visa processing on this date, allowing international students to plan their return in time for the fall semester.

However, the embassy will not be able to expedite requests for fall 2021; appointments are still on first come, first serve basis. If you think your student visa appointment may delay your travel to the US, it’s best to discuss options with your school. Continuing students with programmes beginning on or after August 1 may still enter the US 30 days before their courses start.

Student visa processing resumes in time for fall

Since international students in India have struggled to navigate their way back into their US university, this announcement will allow many to breathe a sigh of relief. “Student visas remain a top priority and we are making every attempt to facilitate student travel in time for the fall semester,” the embassy said. “On June 14, we will open limited July and August student visa appointments at posts across India.”  Bear in mind that other nonimmigrant visa appointments are still limited in US consulates across India.

The US Department of State has been providing travel exemptions for persons of national interest; these are travellers who “provide vital support for critical infrastructure.” Indian students and academics qualify for National Interest Exception, as do journalists, humanitarian travelers, and public health responders. This was the only way students in India could obtain a visa since the US placed a travel ban on individuals entering from the South Asian country on…

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