TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Economy Class & Beyond

It is time for some more Travel Technology – today, looking at the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Does the Surface Pro design and power still command the prices Microsoft wants, or is there room for improvement?

Our centre of attention today- The Surface Pro 7.

This review continues to be in the style of my other travel technology reviews – focusing on usability rather than benchmarks.

However, in a first for our reviews, we now have bar charts for benchmarks. I bet you are excited!

What is it?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a traditional “Surface” tablet device, unlike the Surface Laptop. It is a tablet form factor device, which can be paired with a Type Cover to protect the screen and add a keyboard.  As the name suggests, this is one of the latest releases of the Surface device line that Microsoft offers for its premium mobile computing sector.

Surface Pro 7 in tablet mode

With the kickstand deployed.


Per CPUID, the unit on test today is specified as follows:

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