Airlines UK offers four-point plan to restart travel safely

Airlines UK offers four-point plan to restart travel safely

Airlines UK want a ‘proportionate’ traffic light policy introduced from 28 June

The blueprint, from trade body Airlines UK, calls for greater leniency towards vaccinated travellers and “proportionate” green and amber categories from 28 June.


The letter states: “Given the incredible efficacy of vaccines and their critical role in easing domestic restrictions, we believe that the framework can safely be adjusted to provide a pathway for vaccinated people to travel without restriction, alongside steps to reduce restrictions for green and amber categories, making them more proportionate for travellers.”


Airlines UK said the vaccine’s effectiveness “has been recognised by Europe”, which was now reopening.

“Today, 32 countries exempt travellers from quarantine and 27 from testing if fully vaccinated. The failure to adopt a similar approach risks the UK falling further behind the EU’s reopening of international travel, including the critical transatlantic…

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