Bangladesh keen to introduce cruise tourism to Sri Lanka

Bangladesh keen to introduce cruise tourism to Sri Lanka

Bangladesh has plans to introduce cruise tourism to Sri Lanka to strengthen people to people contact between the two countries.

Bangladesh High Commissioner Tarek Ariful Islam told the Daily News that with the enhanced relations between Sri Lanka and his country, there is a plan to introduce cruise tourism to Colombo.

The envoy explained that Bangladesh interested in extending the present political relations to sectoral cooperation which would open up new areas in bilateral relations between the two countries. He said that with the onset of the COVID crisis,Western tourists are reluctant visit Asian countries and the cruise tourism will help people in the region to travel to each other’s countries. At present, he said there are six flights a week between the two countries which caters to tourists from the two countries and for the 25,000 Lankans working in Bangladesh.

Following the recent visit of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to Dhaka in March, Sri Lanka recently received a…

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