Border update reaction from ACTA, TIAC, NACC and more

Border update reaction from ACTA, TIAC, NACC and more

Though yesterday’s news marked a major milestone for Canada’s travel industry, it has yet to be determined when fully vaccinated Canadians will be allowed to enter the U.S. for non-essential travel.

Also Canada’s travel advisory against all non-essential travel is still in place, although the industry will be watching for changes on that policy in the weeks to come. 

Here’s what each organization had to say following yesterday’s news:


ACTA President Wendy Paradis said it is especially encouraging to finally see that border restrictions are being eased for non-essential travel.  “This has been long-awaited and is a great step forward!” said Paradis.

“ACTA is very encouraged by the news today about fully vaccinated Americans being allowed into Canada as of Aug. 9 and fully vaccinated international travellers in September.  We are also very glad to see that the quarantine requirements for children under 12 will be eased and that inbound PCR testing will…

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