Boris Johnson hints MORE countries could be added to amber and red travel list

Boris Johnson today hinted that more countries could be added to the UK’s amber and red travel lists as he vowed to be ‘cautious’.

The PM warned that the government will have ‘no hesitation’ about imposing tougher restrictions ahead of a review of the allocations due tomorrow.

The next destinations travel experts are tipping for ‘green list’ status 

Travel industry experts have highlighted eight new destinations that could be added to the government’s green list.

With Covid cases falling or staying at low levels in these holiday hot spots, Brits could be enjoying a summer in:  

Canary Islands

Balearic Islands







Today, Cyprus‘ deputy tourism minister said the country ‘absolutely deserves’ to be on the UK’s travel green list.

The comment – in response to a question about whether the green list will be expanded – will fuel pessimism about the prospects for a holiday options being extended soon.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps had raised hopes…

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