Boris under pressure to fix foreign holidays FAST! Ministers urge PM to expand ‘green list’

Travel experts today insisted there is ‘no danger of an influx of disease’ into Britain after Boris Johnson warned that putting lots of countries on the travel ‘green list’ from May 17 could risk a jump in cases from abroad.    

The Prime Minister has maintained Downing Street will be ‘cautious’ amid bitter Cabinet wrangling over how far to loosen the border restrictions ahead of the next stage of his roadmap out of Covid lockdown. 

Health Secretary Matt Hancock and chief medical officer Chris Whitty are said to be among those pushing for quarantine-free states to be kept to an absolute minimum.

But other senior figures are urging a looser approach, insisting that with the outbreak under control in the UK and vaccines making strong progress the government has no right to keep curbing freedoms. 

Mr Johnson suggested he is siding with the dovish camp on a pre-election visit to Hartlepool this afternoon.  

‘We do want to do some opening up on May 17 but I don’t think that the…

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