Calls for financial support if unlocking is delayed

Calls for financial support if unlocking is delayed

If there are any changes to the June 21st ‘unlocking’ date this must be paired with details of economic measures to support affected businesses and industries, Labour has argued.

Prime minister, Boris Johnson, is due to reveal whether the final step in the easing of Covid-19 restrictions can be taken on Monday.

However, with cases rising, doubts are beginning to creep in.

While Labour believes the roadmap should be guided by the science, the party argues throughout the crisis government incompetence has meant they have been too slow to act.

Too often details of economic support have regularly trailed behind public health announcements, severely damaging business confidence, causing anxiety, and even leading to workers being let go unnecessarily, the party said.

Ed Miliband, Labour shadow business secretary, said: “Businesses have operated under historic uncertainty during this crisis, worsened by details of economic support playing catch up with public health…

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